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Regain control over your marketing

GiG Comply is an automated tool, allowing you to monitor marketing compliance.

GIG Comply

Compliance is a growing pain for many businesses

GIG Comply

Avoid financial and reputational losses caused by regulatory enforcement

GIG Comply

Save time on your day-to-day compliance routines and focus on growing your business

GIG Comply

Ensure transparent compliant marketing efforts!

Learn where you are being advertised

GIG Comply

Automated monitoring

Scan more than 25k website pages daily

GIG Comply

Global control

Control marketing compliance on a world wide scale

GIG Comply

Locate ads

Locate your ads on non‑brandsafe websites

GIG Comply

Effortless compliance check

Effortlessly check for presence of text, links and images

GIG Comply


Pages scanned


Affiliate sites discovered


Pop unders caught

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GIG Comply is a compliance tool that monitors advertising partners towards regulatory bodies.